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AI Languages

CLOS Common LISP Object System - An object oriented extension to Common LISP (a dialect of LISP). 
LISP A programming language that manipulates lists of data which led to its heavy use in AI applications. 
Logic Programming A type of programming consisting of facts and relationships from which the programming language can draw a conclusion. 
Prolog A declarative programming language based on formal logic. Widely used in AI applications. 
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Blackboard Technology

Blackboard A hierarchically organized database that allows information to flow both in and out from the knowledge sources. 
CRYSALIS A blackboard based project (1976-1983) to build a system for determining the location of a protein's atoms in space relative to each other using X-ray data. 
GBB Generalized object-oriented shell for building high-performance blackboard applications. (See Knowledge Technologies International
Knowledge Sources The independent modules containing information pertaining to a single part of the problem with each module using the technology best suited for solving that part of the problem. 
KSAR Knowledge Source Activation Record representing a specific knowledge source action that is initiated by a specific blackboard event. 
Control Module A process or program that monitors or schedules all knowledge sources and selects the one that best meets the criteria and the current time. 
HASP Uses blackboard technology to process real-time sonar signals (1982). 
HEARSAY-II The first blackboard system evolving between 1971-1976 for speech understanding of single spoken words out of a list of 1,000. 
OPM This blackboard application planned multiple-task actions given conflicting goals and constraints. 
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C++ Programming Language

Classes A category that generally describes a group of more specific items or objects. 
Inheritance The ability of a class to pass on characteristics and data to its decendants. 
Polymorphism The ability to define a base class that includes routines that perform standard operations on groups of related objects without worrying about the exact data type of the object. 
Scope There are 4 types of scope: local - names local to the current block; function - labels can be used anywhere in the function they are declared; file - name declared outside all blocks and classes and therefore gobal; class - the name of a class member is local to its own class and can't be used outside of that class. 
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Client-Server Architecture An arrangement used on local area networks that makes use of "distributed intelligence" to treat both the server and the individual workstations as intelligent, programmable devices, thus exploiting the full computing power of each. 
Client Software The computer requesting the use of resources on another systems. 
Server A computer that provides a service. 
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Creative Thinking

Creativity Terms Follow the link on the left to find a list of creativity terms.
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