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Neural Networks

Overview: Neural Networks are an information processing technique based on the way biological nervous systems, such as the brain, process information. The fundamental concept of neural networks is the structure of the information processing system. Composed of a large number of highly interconnected processing elements or neurons, a neural network system uses the human-like technique of learning by example to resolve problems. The neural network is configured for a specific application, such as data classification or pattern recognition, through a learning process called training. Just as in biological systems, learning involves adjustments to the synaptic connections that exist between the neurons. Neural networks can differ on: the way their neurons are connected; the specific kinds of computations their neurons do; the way they transmit patterns of activity throughout the network; and the way they learn including their learning rate. Neural networks are being applied to an increasing large number of real world problems. Their primary advantage is that they can solve problems that are too complex for conventional technologies -- problems that do not have an algorithmic solution or for which an algorithmic solution is too complex to be defined. In general, neural networks are well suited to problems that people are good at solving, but for which computers generally are not. These problems include pattern recognition and forecasting -- which requires the recognition of trends in data. For further information, see the following references:

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Neural Networks Information on the Internet
IEEE Neural Network Council Home Page Read publications, learn about research, and get information about upcoming conferences.
An Introduction To Neural Networks A light introduction, managers guide, example, and uses of Neural Networks.
Neural Nets Overview by Dr. K. Gurney  Yahoo index of Neural Networks information.
NEuroNet - Software Index of commercial neural net simulators
Will's Technical Page A collection of articles and other technical resources for artificial intelligence (especially data mining and machine learning).
Yahoo - Business and Economy:Companies:
Computers:Software:Artificial Intelligence:Neural Networks 
Yahoo index of Neural Networks information.
Yahoo - Science:Engineering:Electrical Engineering:Neural Networks  Yahoo index of Neural Networks information.
Yahoo - Science:Engineering:Electrical Engineering:Neural Networks:Conferences  Yahoo index of Neural Networks Conferences.

Sponsors of PC AI - Neural Networks Vendors
Specializes in biologically-based computer systems for business and science that learn, adapt and evolve. In a world of accelerating change, systems and solutions must be able to adapt quickly. We build systems that are based upon dynamic natural processes. These powerful solutions are increasingly a part of strategic and tactical systems throughout the world.
Provider of multi-strategy data mining suite PolyAnalyst which features a hybrid Neural Net-GMDH algorithm as one of its engines for automated learning from data.
NeuralWare Inc. NeuralWare is a producer of neural network modelling software for professional applications. Founded in 1987, they are developers of neural network software for the development and deployment of intelligent on-line solutions for commercial, scientific, industrial, and government applications. Their products are used in a wide range of industries, including power generation, pulp and paper, food and beverage, chemical processing, marine, materials processing, medical, financial, targeted marketing, credit, and securities.
NeuroDimension is the maker of a leading-edge neural network simulation software product, NeuroSolutions for Windows. This revolutionary product combines a modular, icon-based network design interface with an implementation of advanced learning procedures, such as recurrent backpropagation and backpropagation through time. Some other notable features include C++ source code generation, customized components through DLLs, integration with Microsoft Excel, and Visual Basic accessibility through OLE automation.
QMC provides an advanced generation of PC-based software technologies that interpret, analyze, and configure data for any process in any industry.

Other Neural Networks Vendors
Adaptive Network Solutions Research, Inc. Contains links to Neural Network and Applied Physics sites. www.ansr.com
Alyuda Research, Inc. Alyuda Research, Inc. provides software products and services that empower business analysts, traders and engineers to create forecasts. Its family of tool technologies enables the delivery of a wide range of neural networks based solutions from forecasting tools to corporate data analysis systems.
American Heuristics AHC is a technology transfer company that specializes in the research and development of advanced software technologies and their application to complex technical problems. 
Attrasoft - Neural network shareware software.  Based on the Hopfield neural model and the Boltzmann machine, these products are designed to operate in an environment ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 external (Input/Output) neurons.
California Scientific Software Information on Brainmaker and more.
Cobalt A.I. Software Cobalt A.I. provides programming tools for application development of artificial intelligence systems.
Flexible Intelligence Group The primary objective of Flexible Intelligence Group, LLC. (FIG) is to design, develop, and market independent modules which may be used, in isolation or in combination with systems, to (a) provide computational intelligence to a system or (b) improve the computational intelligence of a system. At present, this requires the development of soft computing modules that integrates techniques such as fuzzy systems, evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, and chaos theory. 
Gensym Corporate information, press releases, product descriptions. 
info@gensym.com; service@gensym.com; ftp.gensym.com (
IBM Corporation nninfo@vnet.ibm.com
Information Discovery Implement solutions to industry problems using embedded data mining in the business segments such as direct marketing, banking, retail, insurance, financial services, and more.
Intelligent Machines imi@netcom.com
MarketMiner, Inc. For product information and availability, please contact MarketMiner, Inc. directly.
(info@marketminer.com) Formerly AbTech Corporation.
Corporate information, press releases, product descriptions. 
(info@mathworks.com) (ftp://ftp.mathworks.com/pub)
Mikuni Berkeley NeuroLab is a neural network library for Extend (a graphical icon- based simulation program) and is an effective tool for understanding, designing, and simulating artificial neural network systems. NeuroLab consists of more than 70 functional blocks and many example models.
Network Cybernetics Product and company information.
NeuralWare Inc. NeuralWare is a producer of neural network modelling software for professional applications. Founded in 1987, they are developers of neural network software for the development and deployment of intelligent on-line solutions for commercial, scientific, industrial, and government applications. Their products are used in a wide range of industries, including power generation, pulp and paper, food and beverage, chemical processing, marine, materials processing, medical, financial, targeted marketing, credit, and securities.
NeuSciences Neusciences is a leading developer of packaged neural network software. Their tools enable organisations to embed neural networks and associated techniques into their own products and business applications.
Predictive Dynamix, Inc. Predictive Dynamix provides a comprehensive suite of software tools for commercial data mining applications
Promised Land Technologies Makers of Braincel. www.promland.com/index.html
SPSS Company and product information for SPSS Inc., maker of Neural Connection.
Triant Technologies Product and company information. (mcamp@triant.com)
Virtual Mind Provides neural services on the Internet. www.virtualmind.com
Ward Systems Group Ward Systems Group, Inc. (WSG) is a progressive company that transforms the latest developments in neural networks, genetic algorithms, and artificial intelligence into practical problem solving tools for the business, scientific, and academic environments. The company was established in 1988 and is a pioneer in the development of neural network and genetic algorithm software.

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