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Volume 12, Issue 3
May/Jun 1998
Theme: Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks

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Neural Networks in Finance: The Importance of Methodology Over Technology - The Authors examine what it means to have an effective methodology to evaluate problems, and how neural networks are the answer of choice in two real-world cases.
Modeling Methodology 4: Localizing Global Models -- Most modeling algorithms belong to one of two classes, local or global. In this segment of his series, Will Dwinnell examines a method for localizing a multilayer perceptron neural network using fuzzy clustering.
Neural Networks for Monitoring, Control, and Optimization -- Paul Van Buskirk gives an overview of model applications, highlighting neural networks, that improve the profitability, quality, safety, and environmental controls of a process.
Neural Networks in the Process Industry - The authors take an in-depth look at the manufacturing industry and discuss how neural networks can be employed to generate an on-line prediction of product quality in a rubber processing plant, and a neural network as a process model of a cement mill.
AI@Work - Fuzzy logic and neural networks are intelligent solutions in a variety of applications, from gauging consumer reactions to job shop scheduling, from predicting profit and loss in futures trading to designing polymers. We've invited Ward Systems Group, WizSoft Inc., Flixible Intelligence Group, and The DASGroup to discuss recent customer success stories.
Intelligent Process Control in Aviation - Intelligent technology is an integral part of commercial airlines, and Lance Sherry examines the benefits to pilots, flight safety, and economics of operation.

Secret Agent Man - Excite Yourself By Shopping with Jango by Don Barker
Intelligence Files - Smile for the Computer by David Blanchard
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The Process of Controlling Real World Applications

I was amused by a recent CNN headline: "Swiss Scientists Warn of Robot Armageddon." A reporter, covering a story on robots that learn from their environment, predicted that within ten years "more advanced machines, equipped with artificial intelligence, will be as clever as humans. Soon after, they [the researchers] say, the man-made objects could become more intelligent than their creators . . . and capable of taking over." It's troubling enough that the media sets unreasonable expectations of the computer industry, as we've just recovered from the last wave of media hype, and I'd hate to see it overshadow the significant work being done using AI technology.
  In this issue we examine Neural Networks, just one of the fields where AI is applied to real problems and, in turn, is part of the industry mainstream. Neural networks enable the real-time dynamic modeling of non-linear events that are too complex or ill defined for traditional analytical methods or empirical rules. For example, IBM uses this technology as part of its suite of data minng applications and as an integral part of its new anti-virus software. Neural networks are also used for image restoration, filtering, diagnoses, quality control, adaptive process control, and pattern recognition. Unfortunately, some of the best applications remain under wraps lest they reveal company secrets. Neural nets have been a part of the financial world for years in areas as diverse as credit approval to fraud detection. I've noticed that it's a good indication of the importance of a technology when traditional companies don't just buy the neural network products, but buy the whole company. (See David Blanchard's "Intelligence Files" for a $200 million AI company acquisition.)
  This issue looks at Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic with an emphasis on the process control industry. This is a conservative industry where a process savings of a few percent on something as simple as boiling water can save hundreds of millions of dollars per year. In the article "Neural Networks in the Process Industry," Angstenberger and his colleagues discuss the use of this technology to predict product quality in the rubber industry and as a process model in a cement mill. Most manufacturing facilities can learn from these examples. Paul Van Buskirk examines the use of neural network modeling in areas such as fault detection, forecasting, and prediction in his article "Neural Networks for Monitoring, Control, and Optimization." Understanding the use of system models can improve quality, safety, and profits in any business. To put your mind at ease the next time you fly, read Lance Sherry's "Intelligent Process Control in Aviation," as he describes intelligent process control in the complex systems that fly commercial airplanes. His article also provides an interesting glimpse at the technology that goes into these complex aircraft. Not forgetting the financial side of neural networks, we feature "Neural Networks in Finance: The Importance of Methodology Over Technology" by Vasan Dhar and Roger Stein. Will Dwinnell continues his series with "Modeling Methodology 4: Localizing Global Models." If you've been following this series, you should have a solid understanding of, and be able to generate, neural networks. 
  Our columnists also file their latest updates in this issue. "Secret Agent Man," by Don Barker meets up with an agent called Jango at a well known web hangout www.excite.com. David Blanchard looks at the latest in Biometrics, AI mergers, and Microsoft "intelligent" acquisitions. Don't forget to check out our short application success stories in AI@Work for some interesting - and unexpected - uses of AI.
  Now isn't the real world much more interesting than some of the dire predictions out there? 
  Terry Hengl

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