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Data Mining
Competitive Intelligence, Internal Expertise, Industry Databases and External Information Sources Yield Corporate Insights
Coemergence Inc announces ACIS 3.1 an application for collecting the myriad of information found in a company’s competitive intelligence, internal expertise, industry databases and external information sources to yield insights into opportunities and threats. The new version extends its ability to filter information for signals of key opportunities and to include both internal intelligence and incoming news feeds. It merges “soft” internal information with “hard” industry-related data allowing business professionals to gain access to early warning signals and facilitate a more focused and efficient path to action. It is currently available in oil and gas and mining versions. New features include advanced news filtering enabling access to valuable, relevant news by utilizing an integrated search from a single window. Search criteria includes keywords, early warning signals, specific country, company and asset variables pulled from industry databases and real-time intelligence. It creates continuous news filters and alerts when news articles matching personally specified criteria arrive on the system. Also new is streamlined alert management, which enables the viewing and sorting of critical real-time early warning signals including efficient access to relevant alert information such as news article, document, flag comment, etc. Easily create shared intelligence directly from
news article page. Contact company for price and further information.

Voice: 902.482.6645

Data-Mining and Analysis Tool That Identifies Payment Process Improvement Opportunities
Xpediate Consulting LLC, announces The Xpediator JRepository, a web-based tool that uses data-mining to facilitate healthcare provider organizations (HCO’s) with preparedness for surveys conducted by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Vortex Xpediator is an automated data-mining and analysis tool that identifies payment-process improvement opportunities and manages payment disputes workflow in provider organizations. The system offers an integrated dynamic approach, designed to allow HCOs to do mock surveys and self-assessment analysis via on-line collaboration. Unique is the structure supporting the continual assessment and quality improvement process with management minutes and activities, that allow compliance and improvement activity a view of overall quality from a standards perspective. This tool features the very latest in EDI technology to add insight to the account receivable bottom line. Contact company for cost and additional information.

Xpediate Consulting LLC
Voice: 415.457.2334

Decision Support

Enterprise Decision Management Tool
Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc. announces Fair, Isaac Blaze Decision System, version 5.0, a key component of the their Business Science suite of enterprise decision-management tools for defining and executing business rules and analytics-driven strategies. Users can automate decisions and place customized controls on any business function. Specific technical enhancements include the support for Java and .NET. A Java run-time option enables the creation of J2EE compliant Enterprise JavaBeans. Also included is a wider range of platforms on which it is available including IBM WebSphere on IBM AIX, BEA WebLogic on Sun Solaris, and Oracle 9iAS on Sun Solaris. It supports .NET Web Services deployments for both development and production use. Other enhancements include full versioning support enabling the maintenance history of changes made to a project or library. Applications take advantage of new versions as needed, and projects that share parts receive automatic notification from a library when new versions are available. Users create libraries of commonly used and centrally maintained parts such as models, strategies, rules and interfaces that are available in multiple projects. Users can organize parts into folders and help manage development processes more efficiently. Repository enhancements provide increased flexibility

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