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in the types of scorecards implemented in a single project and enable projects to share models from libraries with different properties, significantly improving performance for very large projects. COBOL run-time enhancements include making changes to constants and hard-coded values without recompiling the project on the target platform.

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Expert Systems

Expert System Delivery Over the Web via Java Servlets
EXSYS Inc., announces Exsys CORVID version 2.0, a powerful Servlet Runtime enabling expert systems delivery over the Web via a Java servlet implementation of the CORVID Inference Engine. The Servlet Runtime offers server-side execution of expert system applications with the user interface handled via HTML forms (with no client-side applet) through a simple call to the knowledge base files residing on the server. This release has greater flexibility in user interface design, minimal client-side requirements, increased system security, additional direct integration with databases, faster application startup in addition to application deployment on wireless devices that do not support applets. Implement complex and sophisticated interfaces while matching the exact look-and-feel of a Web site. Transparently integrate knowledge automation systems into existing Web sites, going beyond traditional Web technologies, by offering fast interactive decision-making expertise. This system also supports a Java applet option, which does all of the analytical processing client-side. This product runs stand-alone for non-Web based applications. The full power of HMTL and numerous extensions such as XML, Java Script and XHTML are available for designing user interface screens that support any screen size and are ideal for delivery of knowledge to “mini-browsers” on palmtops, or other wireless devices that may not support applets and require special end user screen design. Default templates allow immediate execution of systems. Display problem-solving logic in plain English within its unique Logic Block structure. Many features are available to preview end-user interfaces, copy and set variables, validate system logic and produce reports. Simply move the CORVID Servlet Runtime, knowledge base

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