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Real Options Analysis Toolkit and Training

Decisioneering, Inc., announces the Real Options Analysis Toolkit, a software, training, and consulting package enabling companies to capture and communicate their projects value, including research and development, mergers and acquisitions, e-business project prioritization, and contract valuation. The Toolkit consists of 33 models and 69 functions, covering all forms of real-options analytics. Using spreadsheet-based .NET software applications, it analyzes and calculates real options and incorporates them into custom spreadsheet models, and presents a framework for identifying, valuing, selecting, and prioritizing the correct projects. It leverages existing static analysis while adding layers of sophistication including dynamic simulation, real options analysis and optimization. Real options analysis has application in numerous industries, including high tech, communications, mining utilities, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and oil and gas. The Real Options for Analysts Training, a two-day course, focuses on detailed case studies and practice valuation models. The training and toolkit package includes the software, which is required for the course.

Decisioneering, Inc.
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Best Practices, Business Policies and Decision Criteria in Intuitive Business Terms
Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc. announces Blaze Advisor 4.5, a rules management technology, offers application designers new flexibility in selecting how the rule engine should process the business rules they have defined. This integrated software suite enables enterprises to express their own best practices, business policies and decision criteria in intuitive business terms. A classic inference network supports a large set of rules with many interdependencies, while a new sequential mode allows efficient fixed-order rule processing against large data sets. This new option is well suited to many types of batch applications. A single application can use both processing methods in the course of making a business decision, with different rule groups partitioned for most effective execution and maintenance. This release also extends the solution’s exclusive custom generation of web-based rule management screens to include decision tables. Business managers use a web browser to manage thousands of rules in a compact grid, similar to a spreadsheet. They make changes at any time without learning programming syntax or specialized editor operation. There are numerous enhancements including compatibility with the Java Community Process specification for Java rule engine interfaces (JSR-94) as well as user interface improvements such as extensive context-sensitive help and easier access to rule projects and documentation.

Fair Isaac & Company
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