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System Requirements


Portfolio Navigator
  SmartOrg Inc.
Brings people, content experts, management, project teams and project team leaders together through a web-based system that guides project analysis, forecasting, portfolio development and management. Business model templates produced either by Decision Advisor or by SmartOrg staff enable users to participate in the decision process. The system enables economic modeling that reflects the impact of risk and uncertainty. Flexible analysis and charting tools enable segmenting the portfolio to guide decisions concerning adding, redirecting or killing projects. Consistent project business models enable maintaining long-term alignment with business strategy.
Server-based enterprise system. System requirements depend on the number and location of users.
$100,000 to $500,000 based on number of users.
STATISTICA Advanced Linear/Non-Linear Models
  StatSoft, Inc.
Contains a wide array of linear and nonlinear modeling tools, supports continuous and categorical predictors, interactions, hierarchical models; automatic model selection facilities; also, variance components, time series, and many other methods. All analyses with extensive, interactive graphical support and built-in complete Visual Basic scripting.
MS Windows
$395 (add-on)
  StatSoft, Inc.
Contains comprehensive selection of data mining solutions, with an icon-based user interface. Features a selection of completely integrated, and automated, ready to deploy as is (or customizable) data mining solutions for a variety of business applications. Product is offered optionally with deployment and on-site training services.
MS Windows, Network server connection
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STATISTICA Neural Networks
  StatSoft, Inc.
Exploration and modeling tool for users who analyze complex relationships between variables. Offers a comprehensive selection of neural network architectures, algorithms, sampling methods and analytical graphs. Intelligent problem solvers and automatic wizards simplify program use. Integrates with Statistica, the data analysis and visualization software.
MS Windows
  StatSoft, Inc.
Software solution monitors processes and identifies and anticipates problems related to quality control and improvement. Integrates all quality control charts, process capability analyses, experimental design procedures, and Six Sigma methods with a comprehensive library of cutting-edge techniques for exploratory and predictive data mining.
MS Windows, Network Server Connection
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  StatSoft, Inc.
Optional extension of Statistica Data Miner featuring a large selection of text retrieval, pre-processing, and analytic/interpretive mining procedures for unstructured text data including Web pages. Offers numerous options for converting text into numeric information (for mapping, clustering, predictive data mining, etc.), language-specific stemming algorithms, and supports other unstructured input such as sound or image files.
MS Windows
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  Neuro Dimension, Inc.
Combines traditional technical analysis with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies to make trading decisions. Use any combination of financial indicators in conjunction with advanced neural networks and genetic algorithms to create trading models.
MS Windows
$995 for end-of-day and $1,995 for real-time
XpertRuleMiner   IntelliCrafters Scalable high performance data mining processes millions of rows in minutes. Discover knowledge, patterns or rules from historical business data. Graphical support for the full data mining process from data exploration and preparation to pattern discovery and deployment. Tree Induction, associations discovery and clustering. Extensive data transformation, visualization and reporting features. Data can be manipulated using a drag and drop interface. Data mining solutions can be embedded as ActiveX components within other applications. Mined trees can be exported to XpertRule Knowledge Builder. Enterprise version integrates as part of vertical applications built in any environment (VB, C++, Delphi, etc.)
MS Windows, ODBC - Open Database Connectivity.
$4,500 Standard Edition
Natural Langauge Processing
Language Models on demand
Language models, compatible with LingBench SDK or IDE, are available or can be developed on demand. Due to the universal software approach, no language is excluded.
System independent
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