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Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Forecasting,
Web Based Expert Systems, and Business Rule Automation

Special Note on System Requirements: When MS Windows appears, this assumes Win 95. 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, A Pentium Processor, 32MB RAM and 32MB Disk space available unless stated otherwise.



System Requirements


Business Rule Automation

ARTEnterprise & Component Family
  MindBox, Inc.
Automates a company's best knowledge and practices by encapsulating those entities in business rules. The rules are processed by an inferencing engine, based on the RETE algorithm
Windows, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Linux
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  Amadeus International
Application to implement, organize and continuously improve a companies management systems certifiable to standards such as ISO 9001:2000 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and/or OHSAS 18001 (occupational health & safety) using rules and other technologies. Solution includes these business automation modules and other business tools: Electronic Document Management, Audit, Nonconformance, Corrective Action/Preventive Action, Training, Supplier, Client Satisfaction, Calibration, Environmental Management Program, Environmental Activity, Monitoring and Measurement, Occupational Health & Safety Management Program, Quality Plan, Management Review.
MS Windows
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European Business Rules Conference 2003
  KnowGravity Inc. & Model Systems Europe
Second European Business Rules Conference will be held in Zürich, Switzerland on June 10-12, 2003. This is the only industry-wide business rules conference to be held in Europe. Key-note speakers include Jim Sinur from Gartner Group, Ron Ross, the father of the Business Rules Approach, Stan Hendryx (chair of the OMG BRWG) and Tony Morgan (Extreme Non-Programming). The main conference is organized in three parallel tracks headed "Experience", "Solutions" and "Concepts". Ron Ross and John A. Zachman provide two half-day tutorials on business rules. The conference will also host an exhibition of leading business rules solution vendors.
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Evoke Axio 4.3.1
  Evoke Software
Discover the content, quality, and structure of data to identify the existing data anomalies. Creates a normalized schema capable of supporting data, data cleansing, and data transformation specifications. Assists project completion, reduces project risk, aligns IT/business objectives, amplifies subject matter expertise and shrinks project costs.
Clients: MS Windows
Server: Sun, MS Windows, HP-UX, IBM AIX
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Fair, Isaac Blaze Advisor
  Fair, Isaac & Company
Integrates business rules design, rule engine execution and ongoing rules management in a Java (J2EE/EJB compliant) application. Use any major Java application server or MTS with Java objects, COM/.NET objects, XML documents, databases, or messaging software. Rete or sequential engine options allow best performance on different types of interactive/batch applications. Supports rule projects with over 100,000 rules, allowing repository management and generation of non-technical Web interfaces for business-level rule maintenance. Includes graphical tools to design, develop, and debug rule execution processes consisting of many steps and subtasks. Has debugging, reporting, and conflict checking with automatic deployment generators.
ava JDK 1.1.7b or later. MS Windows for development. Any OS/App. server supporting production Java. Any JDBC/SQL database.
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