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Article Index Volume 15- 2001
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Article Index - Volume 15

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Intelligence in Terrorist Detection - Our New Secret Agents: Fuzzy Logic and Computational Intelligence in Threat Detection, Validation, and Interdiction Cox, E. 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 16 Examining how advanced artificial intelligence technologies will become crucial to the traditional intelligence service in the fight against terrorism.
Improving the Aircraft Cockpit User-Interface: Using Rule-Based Expert System Models Sherry, L.; Feary, M. 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 21 Demonstrating how rule-based expert system models of control system behavior aid the designers in building superior user-interfaces.
AI@Work various 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 26 Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Intelligent Automation: Web-Based Loan Underwriting System; Expert System Supports Corporate Families on Overseas Assignments.
Natural Language Processing: Understanding its Future Wohleb, R. 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 32 Illustrating NLP's role as a standardized component compatible with future business and technology.
Predicting the Effects of Therapy on Patients with Multiple Diseases: Prolog Based Medical Decision Support Temiroff, A.; Yukchtenko, V.; Belov, I. 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 36 Discussing the Medication Assistant (MA), a Prolog Medical Decision Support System (DSS) that models the effects of therapy on patients with cardiovascular and other medical conditions.
It's 2001 - Where's HAL? 2001: HAL's Legacy Hengl, T. 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 41 Reviewing an upcoming PBS presentation
Multi-Agent Planning for Network Layout: CBR, CLIPS, Java, Knowledge Base Management Work Together Goldstein, D.; Kaminski, R.; Goldstein, J. 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 43 Describing an Air Force-sponsored system to accelerate network configuration using AI technologies.
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 47 Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knoweldge Discovery Spatial Databases with Applicatoin to GIS Fatal Defect - Fatal Defect: Chasing Killer Computer Bugs
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 15.6 Nov/Dec '01 50 AI for Christmas

Building Intelligent Models from Data Mining and Expert Knowledge: A Look at Fundamental Principles Cox, E. 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 16 Exploring key issues associated with knowledge-based model design and execution including data variables, data and fuzzy spaces, experimental controls, coping with noise, ambiguity, missing data, isolation of dependent and independent variables, and statistical and regression analyses.
Data Mining Using Sample Data: A Sample Based Modeling Strategy Morgan, J.; Dougherty, R.; Hilchie, A.; Carey, B. 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 23 Illustrating how the use of data sampling improves model accuracy while lowering development and maintenance cost.
AI@Work various 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 26 Using data mining to prevent customer attrition.
Fueling the Search Engine with Natural Language: Developing with Smalltalk Ingria, R.; Ginter, D. 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 28 Detailing the use of Smalltalk to develop a search engine that does not rely on Boolean logic
Profitability and Mining Web Data: Avoiding the Path to Red Ink Clendaniel, S. 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 31 Discussing how a well-intentioned focus on customer response rates and similar dependent variables may cause devastating results and some techniques to avoid these pit falls
Text Processin in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) Techniques Deane, P.; de Hilster, D.; Meyers, A. 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 36 Exploring a new breed of IDEs that intergrate NLP techniques with basic text analysis tasks - enhancing productivity when developing difficult text analysis applications
Tools that Deal with Big Data: Modeling and Analysis Dwinnell, W. 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 42 Demonstrating how a corporation's ability to analyze and model large data sets crucial to a corporation's success.
Expertise through Rules Based Representation: Why Can't a Computer Program Write Computer Programs Hofford, G. 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 45 Exploring a rule-based approach to programming and software development that uses artificial intelligence to write programs
Ai and the Net Kroening, M. 15.5 Sep/Oct '01 50 Virtual People: Final Fantasy

The Knowledge Navigator: An Auction Metaphor for the Brokering of Corporate Knoweldge Assets Cox, E. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 16 Examining a knowledge management system, incorporating an expertise repository and adaptive feedback to rate of the expert's knowledge and abilities, thus bridging the gap between whose with knowledge and those in need.
Distributed (Indexed) Searching: Evolution of XML Thede, E. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 21 Describing how using XML as an interchange medium results in more intelligent searching of local and remote servers
Prolog Goes Middleware: Java-based Embedding of Logic Servers Steiner, T. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 25 Illustrating the use of a Prolog engine to integrate and distribute a logic base within two popular middleware architectures: RMI and CORBA.
AI@Work various 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 29 Pillsbury revolutionizes its business by mining data to understand consumer tastes using web-based intelligence
Expert System Composes Music: AI Creativity Pirkle, W. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 32 Illustrating a rule-based expert system that utilizes chaos to create art, in the form of music
Decision Navigator: An Enterprise Decision Support System Creswell, D. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 36 Discussing an approach for measuring and managing the crucial strategic decision-making process
The Next Wave of Knowledge Management: Opportunities to Leverage Knowledge Through People, Process, and Technology Rasmus, D. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 45 Accessing the Technology that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas among the extended base of employees, customers and partners.
Regression Analysis: A Brief Look at the History of AI Marks, I. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 48 Exploring the evolution of AI technology over the past 50 years and offering a glimpse of what we may see in the future
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 41 AI at the Movies
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 15.4 Jul/Aug '01 43 Swarm Intelligence and Multi-Sensor Fusion

Fuzzy Logic and the Measures of Certainty in eCommerce Expert Systems Cox, E. 15.3 May/Jun '01 16 Examining the organization of business rule systems and how, through the use of Fuzzy Logic, rules should be organized and written to address the uncertainty and imprecision of business decisions.
AI@Work various 15.3 May/Jun '01 25 AI success stories from Logic Programming Associates and The MathWorks
The Rise of Knowledge for Sale Rasmus, D. 15.3 May/Jun '01 32 Discussing how Internet knowledge markets might facilitate the discovery of those that have knowledge and match them with those that need knowledge.
Genetic Algorithms and Intelligent Agents Team Up: Techniques for Data Assembly, Preprocessing, Modeling, and Decision Optimization Deschaine, L.; McCormack, J.; Pyle, D.; Francone, F. 15.3 May/Jun '01 35 Discussing a set of techniques for optimal real-time decision making from distributed, heterogeneous information found in financial, industrial, and scientific data
Simulation of Petri Nets in Prolog: Modeling Dynamic System Behavior Palshikar, G. 15.3 May/Jun '01 43 Illustrating how symbolic logic programming can model dynamic, concurrent, asynchronous, automation, industrial control, and real-time embedded systems
"Ruling" the World of Web Services: Application Servers from Java Beans Ronk, T.; Weyer, J. 15.3 May/Jun '01 46 Describing how Enterprise Java Beans and Component-Based application design is becoming the foundation of the next generation B2B application integration
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 15.3 May/Jun '01 41 Research in Intelligent Technology - Research projects that may lead to future intelligent applications.
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 15.3 May/Jun '01 50 SQL for Smarties - Obtaining the most from a database

XML and Distributed Business-to-Business Intelligence: Fusing XML and Java-based Expert Applications Cox, E. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 16 Exploring the new relationship between applications and intelligence and how combining business policy rules and XML capabilities provides a powerful, robust and extensible way of building distributed applications
Data Cleansing: An Automated Approach Dwinnell, W. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 21 Investigating intelligent techniques such as anomaly detection for reducing data irregularities which ultimately affect downstream business decisions.
Why Smalltalk? Could Smalltalk be the Next Big Business Language? Robertson, J. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 24 Promoting Smalltalk's possible advantages in productivity and quality over otehr Object Oriented Languages.
AI@Work various 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 27 AI success stories from Amzi! Inc. and ABBYY USA
Lisp Power and Functionality A Well Kept Secret: Results of the ITTA's Lisp Users Survey Ramsey, D. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 35 Discussing the respondents comments about the key strengths and industry misconceptions about the LISP programming language.
Cloning Business Logic via Web-Based Rules: Reusable Logic Across Independent Applications Ronk, T. and Weyer, J. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 37 Examining a non-technical interface for capturing the business logic that automates workflow across enterprise applications.
What's Behind the Dylan Language? A Brief Overview Wegener, H. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 43 Taking a detailed look at the Dylan programming language and some of its semantic constructs.
Geospatial Data Mining for Market Intelligence: Finding Market Insight in a Sea of Data Duke, P. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 48 Describing how two business intelligence technologies coupled with data mining produced actionable business decisions.
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 41 Virtual Reality on the Web - What is available today and where it may lead in the future
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 15.2 Mar/Apr '01 50 Evolutionary Design by Computers and What Else are You Reading?

Building Intelligent Business Applications with Semantic Nets and Business Rules Cox, E. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 16 Advocating the use of semantics networks and business models to provide a robust and extensive mechanism for creating and using intelligent, internet-based applications in eCommerce and eBusiness.
Prolog - the Knowledge Keeper: Architecture for Embedded Intelligent Components Merritt, D. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 22 Examining how adding Prolog, as a separate component, simplifies knowledge mapping - making it intuitive for the domain expert.
Fast Genetic Programming: Machine Code Evolution Francone, F. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 26 Introducing Genetic Programming and techniques for implementing computerized machine learning that accelerates program evolution dramatically
AI@Work various 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 28 Application stories from Gensym and Amzi!
Weather Forecast for 2100: Hot and Stormy - Modeling Global Warming Price, C. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 34 Examining one of the largest and most complex modeling and simulation challenges.
Alternative to Neural Nets: Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) Steinberg, D. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 38 Discussing a serious candidate for fully automated non-linear regression that can be used to increase yields in semiconductor manufacturing, discover new drugs, predict insurance losses, and forecast weather.
Kasparov Versus Deep Blue: The Showdown Between the Human and the Computer Blum, D. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 49 Exploring this chess competition and the lack of true Artificial Intelligence behind it.
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 32 Full Circle - The Success of AI in the Real World
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 42 Tools for Building Intelligent Web Sites - Overview of Expert System and Other Intelligent Applications
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 15.1 Jan/Feb '01 47 Smart Card Handbook and Applying Case-Based Reasoning


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