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Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Market to Cross $21 Billion By 2007
      According to a report (RG-275 Artificial Intelligence) released by Business Communications Company, Inc., ( they expect the total worldwide AI market to grow at an AAGR (Average Annual Growth Rate) of 12.2% and reach $21.2 billion by 2007. The 2002 estimate was $11.9 billion.
      Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undergone a series of direction changes in its relatively young history. The focus of the AI market is on how specific technologies can enhance existing applications. These applications are analyzed and discussed in relation to specific sectors of industry and commerce, including financial, manufacturing automation, transportation guidance systems, defense and domestic security, medical/biotech, entertainment and education.
      The five AI technologies discussed within this report include neural networks, belief networks, agents, decision support systems and expert systems. The focus of this report is on how these technologies can enhance existing applications. AI technologies assist existing applications handle more complex data analysis, addressing the potential variability in a situation. Data input, whether gathered from data mining to deep space exploration, can be analyzed via AI-enhanced applications. Expert systems, which present an application with the power to consider this variability in data analysis via a set of rules, will see strong growth and implementation across sectors. Their estimate is that this technology will reach $4.8 billion in sales and an AAGR of 14.5% through 2007. Belief networks ($2.2 billion sales, 13.1% AAGR through 2007) and neural networks ($4.5 billion sales, 12.6% AAGR through 2007) will compliment expert systems in the fastest-growing AI technologies as they too will compliment existing applications in this advanced data variability analysis.

AI Market to Pass $21 Billion by 2007
Terry Hengl

      AI-enhanced applications, led by business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM) implementations, will be the strongest in growth. These applications utilize all the specific technologies listed above (in addition to others) to try to make better sense of potentially enormous variability (e.g. unknown patterns/relationships in sales data, customer buying habits, etc.). Additionally, other AI-enhanced applications such as biometric applications will see gains through 2007 as their applicability moves into a variety of industries, and not just one central market. To see the entire press release, visit:


Prolog Tutorial

Although based on the SWI-Prolog, the concepts are transportable to most Prologs.

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