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Conference Announcements

European Business Rules Conference 2003
The second European Business Rules Conference 2003 will be held in Zurich, Switzerland on June 10-12, 2003, the only industry-wide business rules conference to be held in Europe. The main conference is organized in three parallel tracks: Experience, Solutions, and Concepts. Ron Ross and John A. Zachman will provide two half-day tutorials on business rules.

European Business Rules Conference
Voice: 41 1 434 20 00

Annual Gensym User Society Meeting
Gensyms Annual User Society (GUS) meeting, from April 9-11, 2003, will be at The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in

Boston, Massachusetts. Focusing on maximizing customer's business results through solutions based on reasoning technology, day 1 features executive-level overviews followed by case studies from end users and partners. It covers the use of expert systems, neural networks, and other related reasoning technologies for application areas such as production management, supply- chain management, and network management. Day two and three offers an opportunity to learn the latest tips, techniques, and management practices for successfully building and deploying reasoning technology applications using Gensym's G2 and related products. On April 8th, there will be a special one-day training course on advanced development practices for building expert system applications using G2 including a hands-on G2 workshop offering a one-on-one with technical staff to explore in depth the capabilities of the latest G2 release.

Gensym Corporation
Voice: 781.265.7310


Third International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA ‘03) will be held August 10-13, 2003 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This third International conference brings together

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