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System Requirements


Attrasoft, Inc

This tool assists in machine learning by handling four types of problems: Verification (1:1); Identification (1:N); Search (1:N); Classification (N:1, N:N); Using real-time image recognition (image-based, not key-word based) it handles stamps, trademarks, forensic, dental, internet, satellite, face, Infrared, x-ray, B/W or color photos, video recognition, fingerprints and microscopic. Searching up to 3 millions images it will do image verification, identification, and retrieval: Given a jpg/gif image(s) it locates or classifies similar images from the local drives.

MS Windows



Megaputer Intelligence Inc.

An application suite incorporating 15 approaches to analyzing structured and unstructured data. A complete end-to-end analytical solution - from data importing, cleaning, manipulation, visualization, modeling, scoring, and reporting. Contains the following machine-learning algorithms: classify (fuzzy logic classification), cluster (localization of anomalies), decision tree (information gain), decision forest (multiple categories), discriminate (unsupervised classification), find dependencies (multidimensional distribution analysis), find laws (symbolic knowledge acquisition technology), link analysis, market basket analysis, memory based reasoning, PolyNet Predictor (neural net and GMDH hybrid), stepwise linear regression, summary statistics, semantic text analysis, and text categorization.

MS Windows, 128 MB RAM, 40 MB HD space (Windows NT 4.0 operating system and Service Pack 4 or higher). MS Internet Explorer 5 or higher

$4,000 - 20,000


Attrasoft, Inc

This second-generation neural net software (ABM was first generation) simulates two types of neural networks: Polytomous Hopfield Model (multi-valued Hopfield Model); Polytomous Boltzmann Machine (multi-valued Boltzmann Machine).

MS Windows


Predictive Data Mining Suite

Predictive Dynamix, Inc.

Integrated predictive modeling suite with modeling technologies including neural networks, regression, self-organizing maps, dynamic clustering, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, and simulated annealing. It includes automated variable selection for identifying key variables and variable interactions with integrated graphical, statistical, and OLAP data analysis. Its wizard mode offers step-by-step model building, rigorous model training and validation process, and integrated pre- & post-processing. Other features include category and model lift analysis, model deployment via ActiveX control in most common application platforms from MS Excel to Visual Basic and C++.

MS Windows, 128MB



Data Mining Project Assessment

The Modeling Agency

Using data mining development guidelines, they provide accurate effort and cost estimates, define client-vendor team responsibilities, and flexibility through the knowledge discovery process. Data Mining Project Assessment (DMPA), a critical component of this process, creates the foundation for a data mining initiative thorough pre-project assessment, understanding stakeholder motivations and vision as well as leveling expectations by educating on strengths and limitations. It also looks at each unit's business processes, aligning of important business questions to answer with available resources, assuring end user adoption in advance, defining and valuating benchmarks for project performance, and requesting domain expert contribution for results interpretation.

All platforms and data stores

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Predictive Data Mining Services

Predictive Dynamix, Inc.

From application feasibility to turn-key solutions, professional services quickly achieve results. Developing commercial predictive modeling solutions since 1980s with a cross-industry background. Key application focus areas include: retail site selection and network management, dynamic pricing, geospatial analysis, energy industry applications, and equities trading -- portfolio management. They serve as a single source resource for model development requirements from single models to customized modeling solutions.

MS Windows

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Rapid Application Development

Acquired Intelligence Inc.

They develop expert systems to meet client needs according to a firm price and timeline. Applications typically integrate knowledge-based systems with web-based and other software technologies. Expert systems are often more cost-effective when built or started by an experienced team. Work at-a-distance using telephone, email and Netmeeting to minimize cost. Prototype delivery via the Internet enables development monitoring.

MS Windows

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