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System Requirements

Assistum Knowledge Editor and Viewer

Higher Level Systems Ltd

Microsoft VBA extensions, written in the knowledge editor, enable customization of the knowledge base functionality in the viewer. This viewer allows knowledge base consultations to support a decision. The viewer highlights and documents inconsistencies in the conclusions reached, but leaves the user to make the final decision. The personal edition includes the viewer and is for the desktop user to edit and consult knowledge bases. The business edition comes with a Java applet enabling consultations with knowledge bases via a web browser.

MS Windows, Java enabled web browser for business edition

195 for personal edition, 895 for business edition

KnowledgeWright Custom Jigs

Amzi! inc.

Easily customizable to match many different knowledge representations and reasoning processes. Called a "jig", Amzi! has already built a career advisor and athlete training planner. Build custom jigs with a fraction of the effort, delivering low cost deployment and maintenance. They include a full graphical workshop for developing and debugging knowledge bases and a full array of runtime deployment options for the web and stand-alone applications.

Contact Vendor

Contact Vendor: sales@amzi.com.


Reduct & Lobbe

It identifies key relationships between decision components in existing rules or designs, and generates new rules or designs that fulfill these relationships within a prescribed threshold. The user defines an agent structure and components and targets a selected example of rules and designs to develop new ones. It evaluates the designs with respect to a desired outcome. It generates multiple design sets and the user chooses the most desirable rules/designs from each set. Imported rules from and used in other components of the REDUCT Decision Suite (RDS). Use existing designs to discover new engineering designs, develop new control and optimization rules, or address problems of limited domain data.

Windows NT (Service Pack 4 or higher) or Windows 2000

Contact Vendor


Logic and Reasoning System

Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server

Amzi! inc.

Easy integration of intelligent components with conventional applications to add logic-bases that diagnose, advise, tune, plan and parse. Access a rule logic-base just like a database. The rules, expressed in Prolog, have powerful, built-in search and pattern matching capabilities. This server system is encapsulated as a Java Class (JSP and Servlets), C/C++ Class, CGI Interface, .NET Class (VB, C#), Delphi Component, and DLL/SO API. In addition add custom Prolog predicates in Java, C/C++, C#, VB or Delphi. Logic-bases reason over ODBC databases, communicate via Sockets and use Unicode. Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX. Free for personal use.

Optionally one or more of C/C++, Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, C#, web server.



Machine Learning

ABM 2.7 (Attrasoft Boltzmann Machine)

Attrasoft, inc

Simulates two types of neural networks, the Boltzmann Machine and the Hopfield Model. If it fails to recognize a pattern, usually a single retraining fixes it, as does training with the wrong information by accident or by design. It handles conflicting training data, supports 1D and 2D translation, scaling, and rotation- symmetries and works for any pattern recognition problem. Supports up to 10,000 external neurons. Includes more than ten examples, including one with more than 4,000 classes. Learns more than 4,000 characters in 20 seconds and recognizes one of the 4,000 characters in 0.5 seconds.

MS Windows


Decision Force


Using tree and rule based learning algorithms for rule discovery from large data bases this system integrates statistical information to generate rule models that include rule-based output (segmentation type). The parametrically adjustable model includes: utility measures for risk modeling, automatic prediction methods using probabilistic reasoning, batch and on-line prediction, multiple-model prediction, self-testing and other model testing methods. Suitable for credit and risk analysis, securities trading, market analysis and relationship marketing and personnel screening.

Microsoft Windows

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CynapSys, LLC

Designed for educational institutions and students and includes fuzzy system, genetic algorithms, and neural networks for MatlabR environment. FlexGA comes with: FlexTool (EA) with bonus FlexTool(NN,FS). FT3PAK comes with: FlexTool (NN, FS, EA)

MATLAB Version 5 or above

$499 - Professional; $199 Academic.

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