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System Requirements

Intellix Knowledge Server 2.1

Intellix A/S

A scalable server product that deploys knowledge solutions built with their KB designer. Deploy knowledge solutions on the Internet, on intranets, or use a browser-based legacy application. Knowledge base segmentation isolates customers, employees, and business partnerís information.

Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or XP Professional

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JConfigurator 2.0


A constraint-based configuration engine combining optimization technology with business-rule management systems. It integrates with Java, J2EE and Web services architecture and is EJB compliant. This pure Java component comes with a JSP tag library to manage the interaction among Web-based server-side user interfaces. It supports XML and native Java APIs and refers to any external JDBC-compliant relational database or legacy system. Handles integers, floating point and string variables. Fully supports EJB integration and supplies a set of services to integrate the engine into Web application servers.

MS Windows


JRules 4.0


Business rules repository, integrated with Java and C++, as well as J2EE and Web Services architectures. It imposes no particular architectural requirements on an application design, as they are non-intrusive with respect to the application object model. They are instances of Java or C++ classes and the methods to fire the rules and manage the monitored objects. It includes flexible and extensive APIs and algorithms optimized for object-oriented systems. Express rules in a BNF-like format using XML, translated into executable rules using XSLT or Java.

MS Windows



Gensym Corporation

Manage business data through knowledge-based simulation, analysis, and automation. It supports the entire business process lifecycle from as-is analysis, to design, to online automation of business practices and rules. Built upon G2 real-time expert system technology, it can monitor business processes in real time, alerting operations personnel to potential problems as they occur. Its models are ready to automate online execution of business processes to product better business performance.

MS Windows

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Megaputer Intelligence Inc.

Assists in automatically distilling semantics of text, summarizing, clustering, categorizing, and navigating documents with a domain-independent. Analysis. Fine-tune the system with customizable dictionaries to optimize efficiency in specific domains or languages. Available in ten major European languages, it offers natural language-based semantic information retrieval. To better integrate exploration results in the business intelligence chain, and to share them globally, it exports the created knowledge base to XML or HTML. Integrators can use its COM components with their applications.

MS Windows



Megaputer Intelligence Inc.

Enterprise level text-mining server offering key senses extraction, hierarchical clustering, categorization, summarization, intelligent search and feature extraction. Based on a synergetic combination of semantic text analysis and a variety of machine learning techniques this system assists in automated document categorization and target delivery. The user or system determines categories. It does knowledge extraction from call center notes (both directed and undirected modes), knowledge-based executive reporting system (knowledge extraction and single-glance visualization) and competitive intelligence (tracking competitor activities and market trends).

MS Windows, 128 MB RAM, 60 MB HD space and Windows 2000P/XP/NT Microsoft SQL Server 7 or higher.

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Text Analysis International

An integrated development environment that extracts critical information from text, powering software applications such as content analysis, e-intelligence, knowledge management, eCRM, and text mining. It features the NLP++ general programming language with specializations for text analysis. The analyzers blend grammars, patterns, keyword, and statistical paradigms in a multi-pass framework. Annotating text samples and letting the system create and generalize rules automatically, helps maintain the analyzers. While the development environment emphasizes a rapid modify-and-test development cycle, it compiles the text analyzers and knowledge base for optimized performance. Customized and deployed text analysis capabilities with the general analyzer and runtime API.

MS Windows,; 128MB RAM; 250MB hard disk space

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