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System Requirements

Task Tutor Toolkit (T3)

Stottler Henke

A set of Java software libraries and applications to create intelligent tutoring systems without programming. Its Authoring Tool creates scenarios by demonstrating a correct solution using the simulator, generalizing the solution to recognize other valid actions, and annotating the solution to link actions with knowledge and skills. Its Tutoring System uses the solution to present context-sensitive help the student at each step. At the end of each scenario, a report card lists the knowledge and skills that the student successfully demonstrated and failed to demonstrate. An application-programming interface allows integration of its libraries with the simulator.

MS Windows

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The Internet ITS Authoring Tool (IITSAT)

Stottler Henke

This authoring tool creates scenario-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) using scenarios or problem settings to teach concepts. Students retain knowledge better when they practice their skills on simulated, realistic problems. ITS authors specify the contents of a course including the course principles, teaching methods, courseware materials and scenarios. The course contents reside on a central server governed by course management software. Using an ITS, the student works through the course contents, following the author's prescribed teaching methods. Results of testing and student status are available to the instructor.

Author and Student: Windows 98 or later, Internet web browser. Windows 2000 Server for course management software.

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Knowledge Management



An intelligent integration platform, it transforms huge volumes of heterogeneous data into useful information in real time. It builds dynamically and without coding flexible data marts, analysis tables, and reports. Its data-morphing concept enables full traceability of the data transformation processes.

Windows NT, 2000


Ask Me Online

KnowledgeBroker, Inc.

This knowledge library on the Internet has more than 50,000 clear, step-by-step answers to common technical support FAQs, for supplying answers to computer questions on the Internet. . Users sign on, describe their problem, click on Search, select their solution and follow step-by-step directions. Each user has virtually unlimited access to the Knowledge Warehouse. HelpMail supplies users the option of sending their problem by e-mail to KnowledgeBroker's support team for a direct response.

Web browser and Internet connection

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Ask Me Pro

KnowledgeBroker, Inc.

Captures, authors, and distributes consistently accurate company information to supply a company help desk with a range of plug-and-play solutions to technical computer problems. This knowledge management software comes with comprehensive knowledge authoring tools, a powerful search engine, and a full range of pre-packaged solutions.

MS Windows, SQL server

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Blaze Advisor

HNC Software

An integrated suite of design, execution and maintenance software components for managing a company’s proprietary rules for automating decisions. Enterprises can quickly develop complex applications, respond to changing customer needs, implement regulatory compliance and reduce total cost of operation. Non-technical personnel maintain the rules that govern business process management, decision-making, and personalization. Manage this information as a corporate asset for consistent operations across the extended enterprise.

MS Windows (development); Any Java Virtual Machine (deployment)

Starter Kits from $50,000. Enterprise licensing up to $3,000,000

CORPORUM Knowledge Factory

CognIT a.s

Knowledge management solution to structure, share and maintain a companies or organizations knowledge capital. Modules can include best practice, agent based content management (“the Electronic Librarian”), collaboration tools for the innovative work of Communities of Practice, goal driven information and knowledge sharing, structured reporting based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s and criticality assessment, based on Porter’s value chain model or alternatives such as value workshop or value network models.

Client: Web browers such as IE 5.5 or later. Server: Win2000/IIS, ASP-compatible webserver, Oracle 8i/9i

Site license price based on number of users, stepwise discount model



Repertory Grid Knowledge Management tool captures and transfers specialist and generalist expertise in a simple and intuitive medium. Generate cluster diagrams using SVG and/or Flex/Prolog rules.

Internet web browser and Web Server such as IIS, Apache, PWS

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Intellix Designer 4.11

Intellix A/S

Model and automate business processes by leveraging the best practice knowledge from their business expert, without programming skills. Using examples of known business cases, it creates the models foundation, and generates the knowledge model. If necessary, it poses questions to the business expert to make the model robust. After creating a knowledge model, anyone using the model can quickly tap into the expert’s knowledge. Once created, distribute the model to any channel using Intellix Knowledge Server.

Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or XP Professional

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