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System Requirements


KnowledgeBroker, Inc.

Knowledge Bases of prepackaged content for Microsoft, Lotus and Corel/WordPerfect applications. There is also a full range of solutions for operating systems, the Internet, and more. Formatted for direct import into a wide range of expert call tracking and problem management systems, this prepackaged support content for Help Desk Agents and End Users reduces support call volume and call times. It offers Level 1/ Level II Help Desk Agents with an immediate support resource and a valuable training tool.

Determined by host system

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KnowledgeWright Guide

Amzi! Inc.

Simplify creating, testing and deploying knowledge bases that assist website visitors select products or services, locate information, answer common questions, find solutions, learn from experts and more. Technicians use a graphical workshop and a variety of objects (rules, tables, formulas, facts, database interfaces, and questions for the user) to create knowledge bases. Use HTML to embed images, videos and links while answers are dynamically assembled web pages. Deployed knowledge bases on the Web using Windows or Unix servers. Available free for academic, personal and evaluation use.

MS Windows or Linux web-server with CGI or Java Servlet capabilities.


KnowledgeWright Professional and Enterprise

Amzi! Inc.

Create knowledge bases of business rules for workflow management, advice, problem resolution, configuration, planning, support and more. Use a graphical environment complete with knowledge base analyzer and debugger to deliver them on the web or in any software application. Includes two general-purpose reasoning engines, one for business rule advice and problem solving, the second for product and service support. This reasoning engine is customizable (by Amzi!) to fit any business structure and processes, at a fraction of the custom expert system development cost. Free for academic, personal and evaluation use.

MS Windows or Linux web-server with CGI or Java Servlet capabilities. Optionally one or more of C++, Java, Delphi, Visual Basic.

$2,500 and $10,000

KnowledgeWright Support

Amzi! Inc.

A knowledge base tool delivers technical support via the Web. Support technicians use a graphical workshop to create and maintain a support solution knowledge base using intuitive structures and full HTML capabilities. It presents clear dialogs to users while resolving problems and supplying explanations and relevant links on finding a correct solution. The runtime-reasoning engine appears as to the user as a good technical support representative, developing hypothesis, prioritizing possibilities, and interacting with the user to find the correct solution -- automatically forwarding informaito via e-mail to human tech support if no solution is found. Deployable on the Web using Windows or Unix servers. Free evaluation at website.

MS Windows or Linux web-server with CGI or Java Servlet capabilities.



Reduct & Lobbe

System for building production schedules for continuous manufacturing plants. It generates an optimum sequence of jobs for the production lines while taking into account resource and production constraints. Users define the impact of various hard and soft constraints, preferred scheduling (e.g. schedule types), while performing interactive scheduling (what-if-schedules). Reduces missed deadlines, improves turnaround time, lowers product switching cost as well as manufacture less off-spec products, comply with customers' requirements, increase average run length and improve response to sales inquiries.

Windows NT (Service Pack 4 or higher) or Windows 2000

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XpertRule Knowledge Builder

Attar Software

A graphical environment for developing knowledge based applications or components. Represent knowledge as Trees, Rules or Cases and incorporate Fuzzy Logic along with resource optimization using Genetic Algorithms. Includes a customizable multi-user development environment for medium to large-scale knowledge applications and components. Knowledge bases are highly scalable with customizable knowledge objects. The deployment options include PC standalone, COM+ Java Servlet or Java Applet, using XML for data exchange. Import knowledge modules developed in this tool or from XML files.

MS Windows 64 MB RAM recommended. ODBC - Open Database Connectivity.


Intelligent Tutoring

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Consulting Services

Stottler Henke

These scenario-based tutoring systems encourage students to assess situations, generate solutions, make decisions, and carry out actions in realistically complex situations. By embedding or interfacing with training simulators, the tutoring systems monitor student actions performed within the simulator, evaluate these actions to assess the student's knowledge and skills, and apply these assessments to generate highly-specific, individualized instruction. Students gain exposure to many typical and exceptional situations, so they acquire expertise rapidly and efficiently. Solutions include intelligent tutors that emulate expert instructors, authoring tools that streamline tutoring systems development, and integrated training systems that combine simulations and automated instruction.

MS Windows

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