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Figure 2: Hal from 2001

Architectures for Intelligent Systems, Using Fuzzy Control to Maximize Profits in Service Level Management, Applying Machine Learning to Automated Information Graphics Generation, and Machine Learning in a Multimedia Document Retrieval Framework. This are refereed technical articles with substantial content and references. The search engine allows searching IBM journals back to 1957 with numerous articles on expert systems, neural networks, Prolog, fuzzy logic, and many other topics. IBM also has a number of cross-discipline institutes such as the Deep Computing Institute (www.research.ibm.com/dci).

Human-Computer Communication

Speaking of HAL, check out the Washington Post article A visual Rather Than
Verbal Future (www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A56499-2002May8.html). It discusses Ben Shneiderman's (University of Maryland) concept of visual communication with a computer. Also, check out the Human-Computer Interaction Lab presentations at www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/soh.

Yet Another AI Directory

Teradex.com (http://directory.teradex.com/ Computers/Artificial_Intelligence)
has an AI section with 24 topics such as belief networks, agents, machine learning, neural networks and knowledge representation as well as a list of other AI resource links. If you go up the directory (the 'eye' icon in the upper left corner) to the computer directory and select "…more groups", you will find topics such as robotics, speech, algorithms, and artificial life. This site currently advertises 2.5 million links on various topics (1,700+ on AI related).
Another site of AI information is NewWave WorldSearch
(www.worldsearch.com/ dp.lisa/en/Computers/Artificial_Intelligence). Topics here include neural networks, natural language, genetic programming, knowledge representation, data mining, and a host of others.

Current AI News

For a site with some current AI related news, check out
http://artificialintelligence.newstrove.com. It also has an excellent list of publication web sites (www.newstrove.com/ index.html). Unfortunately, the search command at the top of the page is marginal at best, particularly for double world searches such as "expert systems" and "neural networks." Even using single or double quotes, the results were either great or very poor.

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