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Fires start out as hot spots in areas
that were probably not hot before.
When we extend the sensory
systems to include off the shelf infrared and smoke detection systems, in addition to intruder detection, it is possible to perform fire detection - possibly before there are flames. As the robot makes its rounds, it notes changes in its environment and if it detects a hot spot, the robot immediately brings it to the attention of the guards. If the robot detects smoke from a new hot spot, then a fire is probably imminent.
Immediately the robot can notify
the appropriate parties via wireless communications that a fire has broken out or is imminent. While fire fighting support is on the way, the robot could, with an onboard fire extinguisher, discharge its entire reserve in an attempt to either extinguish the fire or slow its advance.
In the post 9/11 world, the addition
of bomb sniffing equipment to patrolling mobile robots may be an important augmentation in our focused efforts to prevent terrorist attacks.

The Near Term Opportunity for Traditional AI Implementations

The flow chart in figure 1 illustrates
the global view of this confluence of technologies in robotics, and specifically mobile robotic solutions. It is clear that most, contemporary AI technologies such as expert systems, neural nets, natural language processing, object recognition, machine vision, AI personalities, speech recognition, speech synthesis and problem solving need to be part of this behavioral processing center.
Just as Mr. Brooks and his
esteemed colleagues have witnessed emergent behaviors in their research, GeckoSystems has seen that behavior in their automatic self-navigation AI software development and usage. Emergent behavior is behavior seen that was not initially programmed into the system. For example, the moving to the left and then right when encountering a dynamic obstacle that also moves to the
Security enabled PCR provide other important benefits in the fire detection
and prevention industry. Due to early detection and prevention of fires, insurance companies routinely discount their premiums when low cost smoke and toxic gas detectors are in place. Insurance companies have long championed the use of technology for early fire detection and prevention. Most fires start out very small.

* Overloaded electrical circuits heat up and ignite their insulation or surrounding.
* Overloaded or poorly maintained machines heat up and ignite themselves and their surroundings.
* Greasy or solvent soaked rags spontaneous combust into flames after having achieved sufficient heat to ignite.
* Careless smokers toss unextinguished cigarette into a trashcan.

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